Mastering Myself:
A 21-Day Sprint

You have what it takes to create an empowered and fulfilling life. Don’t let this pandemic keep you down. Go from languishing to thriving! 

Let us save you countless hours of anxiety, self-doubt, spinning the wheel and negative energy. This Sprint will show you how you can flourish despite challenging  situations.

Kickoff Session
1st March 2022
Sonali Sinha &
Madhuri Kale

Registration Deadline: 28th Feb 2022

Sonali & Madhuri

What participants say...

From the Program, I am more aware of the thinking patterns and where they emerged from. I’ve become more accepting towards myself which reduces the negative emotions from arising. I feel empowered through similar stories of the other participants in the program. I’ve become less critical of myself and move forward from setbacks quickly. I would recommend this program to all those who have a calling to take charge of his/her life. This program will give you a deeper understanding about yourself and help you move forward to the desired life that you wish to live.
Nang Nay Nwe Phone Myint
I am currently in a transitory period of my life that’s caused me to wonder quite a few things and through this program and the tools it provided me with, I learnt how to find those answers. The experience was made better by the people I was doing it with as we all encouraged each other. As there was a variety of people who were all very different from me, I also learned a few things from them. I would recommend this program truly for anybody that simply wishes to learn more about themselves and work towards leading a better life. It does not matter where you are in your life going in, you will grow during it.
Anya Singh
This proved to be an excellent platform for me to discover some new aspects of personality development. It was nice to meet the cohort across the globe. I got to improve my interpersonal and communication skills and experienced a dynamic exchange of ideas. A novel feature of this sprint was ‘inclusiveness’. Even though I was the only male participant, I felt equally welcome during each session and I think this is the greatest strength of the program. We were offered one-on-one coaching sessions even though it was not part of the schedule. This speaks volumes about their eagerness and enthusiasm to inspire and elevate others, not just professionally but emotionally as well.
Swapnil Joshi

What's it about?

What you will learn in this sprint?

Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of people are feeling tired, if not physically than mentally and emotionally. Psychologists call this languishing, “a sense of stagnation and emptiness.”

In this Sprint you will develop a small but mighty mindset shift that will transform the way you look at yourself, the way you show up and the way you manage your day-to-day life. You’ll go away feeling totally in control of your life and choices. 


Stories you tell yourself

Everyone has stories they tell themselves — these are incredibly important because they can shape our lives when we allow them to. Some are good, and thus serve us in a positive way. Other stories hold us back from our greatness. 


Decoding your emotional fabric

Our emotions can fool us and though they seem like direct responses to our situations, the real story is something different. They may seem inevitable and unchangeable but they can be mastered.  


Showing up for yourself

“Before assisting others, put on your own oxygen mask first.” Prioritizing our needs can often be easier said than done. It’s not just about carving out time for ourselves but much more. Sometimes we need a mirror to see that.


Becoming your own master

Letting go of  what keeps us from being our true, spontaneous self can unleash immense delight, satisfaction and renewed energy from the expression and use of our own uniqueness as an individual. It creates capacity and willingness to take responsibility for ourselves. 


Uncovering the invisible barriers

The last thing any of us want to do is get in our own way of succeeding. Yet, despite this great intention much of the way our psyches operate is from the unconscious. Whatever is unconscious can wreak havoc on our path to success. 


Crafting and sustaining actions

Habits play a significant role in shaping who we are as individuals because they are the decisions we make and the behaviors we perform every single day. By focusing our energy on building and sustaining habits instead of setting goals, we can put ourselves on the right trajectory.

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How it's structured

A light and flexible program over a 21 day period. The program includes:

  • 4 live group sessions 
  • Daily activities that will not take more than 10 mins to complete
  • Access to our private Mastering Myself Facebook Community which is a great place to connect with us and other like-minded individuals. 

Group Session Dates:

  1. Tuesday, 1 March 2022 
  2. Tuesday, 8 March 2022 
  3. Tuesday, 15 March 2022 
  4. Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Group Session Timing:

1-hour sessions. Exact timing will be shared closer to the launch date. 

So, you’ll be in great company and be a part of a nourishing community committed to supporting each other’s learning and growth.

Your Coaches

Sonali Sinha

Sonali Sinha, PCC

Entrepreneur, Coach & Facilitator

Sonali brings to her coaching more than 25 years of experience working across corporate and transaction advisory, consulting, leadership roles, board experience and entrepreneurship. She helps her clients articulate and inspire through clarity of vision, be more strategic in their decision-making, manage their time better, and focus on what delivers results for them.

Her approach is inside-out, which promotes congruence between values, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions. A congruent person is genuine, real, whole, and transparent.

She has a deep interest in human behaviour and over the last six years she has been applying concepts from positive psychology, cognitive behaviour therapy and transactional analysis in her work and on herself.

She has worked extensively with women on building confidence, marketing themselves well when coming back after a career break and building a personal brand.

Her credentials include:

Madhuri Kale, ACC

Career, Creativity & Happiness Coach | Co-author-The Shakti Awakening | Storyteller & Puppeteer | Cultural Educator, The Culture Tree | Co-founder Magical Whispers

As a Human Resources professional with 17+ years of experience in international markets, Madhuri strives to connect people with opportunities, develop results-oriented teams, and promote a culture of diversity and inclusion.

With strengths in recruiting and executive search and success aligning performance objectives for profitability, Madhuri combines her experience and various certifications to create impact and help women and youth unlock their potential. Her main areas of focus are helping women restart their careers, meet their career objectives and create a personal brand.

Madhuri is fearless by nature and has a strong creative streak which manifests in her storytelling, puppeteering, coaching and training.  

Her credentials include:

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